Your Work Wanted!

We Want You

We want you!

On March 11, 2014  three years will have passed since the start of the largest man-made environmental catastrophe in history.

The purpose of this website is to share creative expression in response to the Fukushima catastrophe, and encourage activism. We must end the massive experiment that is nuclear power before it brings an end to us, and all life on earth.

Please submit your paintings, your sketches, your computer-generated artwork, your poetry, your video and your music to Requirements are that the piece is your own original work, and it must convey the “Fukushima Is Here” message. We will do our best to showcase all creative submissions.

All artwork and poetry submitted will not be used for commercial purposes unless agreed to by the work’s creator. Your retain ownership but grant us a non-exclusive right to display your work, until you tell us otherwise.

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